What We Do

We finance, construct, own and operate high-quality renewable energy projects.

Our Design Philosophy

We’re experienced with every type of roof

Our engineering and project teams have handled probably every type of structure, from reinforced concrete to all types of metal roofs and even ground mounts. We will ensure all analysis are carried out in terms of structural calculations, dynamic loads and wind loads before work commences on site.

Our engineering team deliver on best practices down to the last detail

We work to the most recognized global standards such as VDE/IEC in addition to local standards. Our excellent 3D modelling, visualisation tools and precise shading analysis enable our engineers to predict the shade position to a few mm’s from design to reality. We drive and ensure the highest engineering integrity down to the last bolt and cable trunking, through rigorous specifications, proactive project management style and close cooperation with our partner EPCs.

Our Approach to Managing Your Project

Safety first, always

No work starts before the toolbox safety briefing. Safety is at the core of our company values, with everyone from the new labourer on site to the company’s senior management treating it as the number one priority. The full suite of policies, SOP’s, SWP’s and controls are in place and enforced as we know how critical everybody’s safety is. We are also OHSAS 18001 & bizSAFE STAR–certified  which reflect our commitment to constantly drive and implement the best of Health and Safety practices.

Fast, smooth, predictable and repeatable

Our project management team is in full control of the project from agreement sign-off to project closure. Our process-orientated project management approach enables us to deliver projects within a few months while making the experience repeatable, so we deliver smooth and hassle-free projects for you, over and over again.

Our Edge In Operations and Maintenance

We understand and know how to manage local challenges

We understand the operating conditions in Asia like no one else. Some of our team members have published peer-reviewed papers on the impact of haze in PV system performance in various Asian cities. We put that to good use in ensuring that your systems will achieve the optimum output performance.

We’re on top of things

The performance of the system is our risk but keeping optimum system uptime and performance is also in our customer’s interest. Ultimately even the environment stands to benefit from our constant attention as more cleaner energy will be generated by our systems.

We use our own R&D grade, carefully located meteorological stations or satellite-derived irradiation data.

The Result: Best In Class Engineering All Around

“…We are pleased with the efficient, reliable, high-quality product, this combined with the professional and expert knowledge, guidance and experience from the Cleantech team which has enabled us to make this happen…”
Arunachalam, ChairmanCutech Group

Left: Automotive Plant in India. Right: F&B Plant in Cambodia (under construction).

Best in class engineering quality delivered consistently across Asia

Our experience in engineering design, our focus in component selection down to every detail, the rigour we impose on installation quality and the depth of our monitoring & maintenance capabilities enable us to deliver outstanding quality across industries and countries.