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Sangam (India) Ltd. demonstrates commitment to environmental sustainability with Cleantech Solar

Sangam (India) Ltd., the flagship company of the diversified Sangam Group is one of the largest and most modernised industries in the country. The company’s core business is that of textile and the group’s interests spread across power, energy, infrastructure and steel industries. Of the core textile business, ‘Sangam Suitings’ and ‘Sangam Denim’ are primary brands and one of the most trusted in the country. Sangam aims to operate as one of the most advanced textile complexes in India through infusion of new investments in design, modern weaving and state-of-the-art finishing equipment.

The Starting Point

Ensuring environmental sustainability and ecological balance is core to Sangam Group’s values and ethos. Hence, adopting a rooftop solar system is a clear choice in reflecting the commitment to reduce environmental impact from their business operations.

The Result

Sangam has entered into a long-term solar partnership (PPA) with Cleantech Solar, where Cleantech Solar will finance, construct, operate and maintain the solar PV system at Sangam’s facilities. The project spreads over 45,000 sq meters of unutilized space, would ensure that nearly 25% of overall power requirement of this facility is clean and green!

Quick Facts


Rajasthan, India

System Size

4,300 kWp

Annual Generation

6,312,400 kWh

Est. Lifetime CO2 Reduction

135,792 tonnes

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