Quick Facts


Cavite, Philippines

System Size

503.5 kWp

Annual Generation

700,000 kWh

Est. Lifetime CO2 Reduction

6,000 tonnes

Koldstor takes leadership position in CO2 reduction in the cold storage industry

Conceived on the tenets of quality, innovation and integrity, Koldstor began commercial operations in the first quarter of 1998. By integrating technologies developed in Europe and the United States of America, Koldstor is the 1st state-of-the-art Cold Storage facility which offers a comprehensive range of services designed to improve storage, inventory management and information development procedures for the food processing and distribution industries.

The Starting Point

The company was looking at installing a solar PV system on the rooftop for some time. With the innovative financing business model of Cleantech Solar, the installation of the solar PV system was finally realised. Cleantech Solar worked closely with the EPC partner to jointly develop the project from initial feasibility study to proposal development and finally installation. The Solar PV system is installed to maximise the exposure to sunlight and sized for the internal energy consumption of the Koldstor facility.

The Result

Cleantech Solar and Koldstor entered into a 20-year partnership where Cleantech Solar took full project design, implementation and financing responsibility. This will enable Koldstor to self-generate a significant part of its energy consumption from its own operations. The 1,900 modules will potentially generate in excess of 58,000kWh/month given the high irradiation of the site and system’s design to maximise generation.

In addition, the plant is expected to shade the rooftop and provide additional savings to Koldstor due to reduced heat load of the refrigeration units.

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“Given the cost pressures in our logistics industry, when the opportunity came to develop a rooftop solar solution with Cleantech Solar and benefit from reduced energy bills, it made a lot of sense and I seized the opportunity. The customer response for our business has been extremely good and having a rooftop solar system helps us to differentiate and come out as pioneers in our industry.” Amit Sarin, CEO, MJ Logistics

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