Quick Facts


Tuas, Singapore

System Size

83 kWp

Annual Generation

166,320 kWh

Est. Lifetime CO2 Reduction

1,962 m tonnes

Cutech – Converting solar energy into profit via operational cost savings.

Cutech is a company headquartered in Singapore that offers a wide range of products & services ranging from Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Asset Management Services for Clients across Petrochemical, Process, Oil & Gas, Marine, Cement and Power Sectors.

The Starting Point

Being committed to protect the environment and looking for a way to reduce its energy costs; Mr Arun identified that he could turn the roofs of his facility into a renewable energy power plant that would reduce his operational costs and at the same time show his commitment toward the environment.

The Result

Cutech Group signed a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) where Cleantech Solar will design, finance, operate and maintain the solar system. The 80kWp system requires no investment from Cutech but at the same time enabled them to achieve their sustainability commitments and enjoy long term savings by using clean energy for its operation. The 313 modules are now operating at excellent levels of performance.

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“We have a long-term commitment to sustainability. A project of this size is a considerable undertaking and has its challenges. We are pleased with the efficient, reliable, high-quality product, this combined with the professional and expert knowledge, guidance and experience from the Cleantech team which has enabled us to make this happen.” Arunachalam, Chairman, Cutech Group

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