Denis Asia Pacific

Quick Facts


Taiping, Malaysia

System Size

1,341 kWp

Annual Generation

1,800 MWh

Est. Lifetime CO2 Reduction

24,900 tonnes

Denis Asia Pacific partners Cleantech Solar towards sustainable food manufacturing.

Denis Asia Pacific is one of the oldest company in Asia. The multinational company accounts for a yearly production of over 60 million cans and employs around 1200 workers, staff and managers in Malaysia. The main products are canned fish (sardines, mackerel), Asian ingredients, fruit and vegetable.

The Starting Point

Denis Asia Pacific is committed to making meaningful contributions to a more sustainable society. Building on its historical values, the company is embracing its journey towards sustainability and has various initiatives in place across environmental, social and governance objectives aimed at providing healthier and more responsibly sourced canned food choices to the marketplace. Reducing the carbon footprint of its production facilities is hence one of the priorities for Denis Asia Pacific.

The Result

An on-site solar PV system was installed across the six rooftops of Denis Asia Pacific Malaysian facilities through a solar leasing agreement with Cleantech Solar. Under this agreement, not only Denis Asia Pacific has avoided incurring the high upfront design and installation cost of the PV system, the company will also be able to tap on Cleantech Solar’s operations and maintenance expertise to ensure maximum energy output from the PV system. On top of sourcing a significant part of their energy consumption from a renewable source, Denis Asia Pacific will benefit from cheaper monthly electricity bill, improving its overall production cost control.

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