Quick Facts


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

System Size

2,624 kWp

Annual Generation

3,800 MWh

Est. Lifetime CO2 Reduction

100,000 tonnes

Coca-Cola sets the example in reducing CO2 emissions in brand new plant in Cambodia

Coca-Cola is a leader in the Cambodian beverage market with brands such as Coca-Cola Light, Sprite, Fanta etc… and obviously Coca-Cola. However, it is also a leading investor and employer. Since 1993, the company has proven its commitment to Cambodia by continued investment; it was announced in 2014 an addition USD 100 million would be used to build a new factory and employ almost 800 local employees.

With its leadership status in mind, the team in Cambodia is committed to ensure that the company not only does well but also would does good across multiple aspects of its sustainability strategies.

The Starting Point

The company was in the process of constructing a brand new, state of the art bottling plant and after some preliminary assessment with the Cleantech Solar team decided to proceed with a large rooftop solar photovoltaic system.

The Result

Cleantech Solar and Coca-Cola Cambodia entered into a 20-year partnership where Cleantech Solar took full project design, implementation and financing responsibility. This will enable Coca-Cola Cambodia to self-generate a significant part of its energy consumption from its own facilities. The 8,224 modules of the system will potentially generate in excess of 300,000kWh/month given the excellent irradiance conditions in Cambodia.
In addition, the plant will offer a better operating environment for staff and equipment as the rooftop system will shade the roof and reduce the plant temperature by a few degrees.

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“Solar power in a tropical, sunlit country like Cambodia was an obvious choice, especially given that we could take it as a service and not a capital outlay.” David Wigglesworth, General Manager, Cambodia Beverage Company

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