PSDC, Penang Skills Development Centre

Quick Facts


Penang, Malaysia

System Size

415 kWp

Annual Generation

570,000 kWh

Est. Lifetime CO2 Reduction

7,800 tonnes

PSDC and Cleantech Solar power Industry 4.0 with solar energy.

PSDC was established in 1989 and is the first tripartite, industry-led skills training and education centre in Malaysia. It has since become a premier learning institution in the country, dedicated to supporting the industry in the development of skilled and talented workforce in the areas of Design and Development, Manufacturing, and Services in a rapidly changing technology and business environment. To date, the Centre has trained over 200,000 participants through more than 10,000 courses.

The Starting Point

Home to many multinational manufacturing companies, Penang has been gearing up for Industry 4.0 through the drive of these highly innovative global companies to stay ahead of international standards. Being a pioneer to local industry development initiatives, PSDC is committed to be a catalyst to this transition and be the leading platform for learning and dissemination of best practices within industrial businesses in Malaysia.

The Result

Adopting on-site solar has been identified as an initiative that can further enhance the performance of the manufacturing facilities whilst at the same time improve a company’s bottom line and corporate sustainability. PSDC has entered into a solar leasing agreement with Cleantech Solar, where Cleantech Solar has fully financed the end-to-end solar solution from design, installation and maintenance of the PV system on the rooftop of the PSDC facility. Through this solar partnership, PSDC will capture both the environmental and cost-saving benefits of renewable energy without having to incur the high upfront installation costs of the PV system, nor to carry any of the operation & maintenance burden and risk. This partnership has presented a great opportunity for PSDC to learn, share and lead by example about solar technology to the industry in Malaysia and Penang.

  • Cleantech Solar & PSDC Solar Project - 1
  • Cleantech Solar & PSDC Solar Project - 2
  • Cleantech Solar & PSDC Solar Project - 3
  • Cleantech Solar & PSDC Solar Project - 4
  • Cleantech Solar & PSDC Solar Project - 5

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