Apollo Tyres

Quick Facts


Oragadam, India

System Size

1.81 MWp

Annual Generation

2,580,000 kWh

Est. Lifetime CO2 Reduction

55,000 m tonnes

Apollo Tyres demonstrates leadership in sustainability.

Apollo Tyres is one of the best reputed tyre manufacturer globally. Apollo has manufacturing units in India as well as Europe.

The Starting Point

Apollo team was seeking a high impact way to demonstrate the firm’s solid commitment to the environment and its leadership in sustainability in a cost effective manner. Leveraging the vast roof of the Chennai unit to install a solar project seemed to be a fantastic place to start; however, planning, investing, executing and operating such a project in-house would have diverted capital, time and resources from core business.

The Result

The Cleantech team has been able to provide Apollo with a solution that:

  1. Puts the responsibility of installing and operating a high quality solar project on Cleantech
  2. Provides substantial savings to Apollo for every unit of solar power that displaces brown power
  3. Provides shading and lowers temperature for the manufacturing unit
  4. Perfectly aligns incentives of both parties: each solar unit generated means more savings for Apollo, and more revenue for Cleantech.

Parties entered into a long term contract where Cleantech owns and operates the solar plant on the roof of Apollo’s manufacturing facility and sells power to Apollo at substantial savings in comparison to the grid.

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“We see it as mission critical to lead the industry in demonstrating our environmental commitment. Naturally, we seek to do this in a cost effective manner, that also ensures our focus remains on core functions. We found that levering our roof real estate to self-generate solar energy with a partner like Cleantech Solar was the perfect answer: it’s simple, effective and fully in our control. The Cleantech team did an excellent job that was well planned and well executed; the solar project is now generating green power as while providing savings for us every day.” John Devadasan, Plant Head, Apollo, Chennai

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