Phnom Penh SEZ

Quick Facts


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

System Size

126 kWp

Annual Generation

182,700 kWh

Est. Lifetime CO2 Reduction

4,708 m tonnes

Phnom Penh SEZ reduces energy costs and contributes to the environment.

Phnom Penh SEZ is the leading Special Economic Zone in Cambodia and has attracted investment from leading multinationals through its prime location near Cambodia’s economic centre of Phnom Penh but also thanks to its world-class infrastructure.

The Starting Point

Phnom Penh SEZ was looking for a way to reduce its energy costs whilst at the same time showing how leading companies in Cambodia can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and therefore helping tackle the global climate change challenge in an easy, low risk and affordable way.

The Result

Cleantech Solar and Phnom Penh SEZ entered into a partnership where Cleantech Solar designed, installed, commissioned and will help monitor and maintain the system which will enable Phnom Penh SEZ to self-generate a significant part of its energy consumption from its own facilities. A combined 126kWp system was deployed on two structures in Phnom Penh SEZ and it will supply energy to the zone’s water treatment plant and to its administration building respectively. The two systems were deployed in a few weeks, with all the project management handled by Cleantech Solar.

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“Our commercial due diligence of the feasibility, the cost effectiveness and low risk of renewable energy was a key step in our strategic plan. Working with Cleantech Solar as our partner in the project, the installation and self-generation of solar energy has been a very straightforward process. We are now able to save costs whilst reducing our CO2 emissions.” Steven Evans, Owner’s Representative, Phnom Penh SEZ

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